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Do I Have ADHD? 

Does my loved one?


Many people struggle with one or more of these symptoms, even without a formal diagnosis. If any of these sound like you, I can help.


  • Starting a task (Do you wait until the consequences for not starting are absolutely dire?)


  • Concentrating and staying focused (Do you find yourself unable to stay on task for more than a few minutes at a time?)


  • Meeting deadlines (Are work or school assignments consistently late? Are you consistently late?)


  • Prioritizing (Do you find yourself giving priority to an unimportant or non-urgent activity while ignoring an important or urgent one? Do you have trouble identifying what is important?)


  • Managing your time (Do you have difficulty figuring out how to get through your “to do” list?)


  • Organizing (Do you lose track of tasks, appointments, deadlines and items?)


  • Maintaining emotional control (Do you have a tendency to over-react, either overtly or internally? If something upsets you, is it hard for you to move past it and continue with your day?)


  • Accessing working memory (Do you find that it’s difficult to remember multiple steps in a process or several pieces of information at one time?) 

I Can Help You...

Manage Your Time

Stay Organized & Meet Deadlines

Enjoy Healthy Relationships

Prioritize Tasks, Focus 

& Concentrate

Good News


The good news…no, the great news! that there are many things you can do to meet and beat the challenges of ADHD.


A good coach will work with you to develop tools and strategies to manage your deficits and build your many strengths.


You can do this! And I can help.


I have successfully walked this path with many clients who are now living happy lives.


Yes, their ADHD remains a challenge. It is not going to magically disappear. But it doesn’t have to control your life.


You can take control of your life, and I will introduce you to the tools and strategies that will help you do that.

What is Coaching?


Coaching is a joint effort between coach and client. You, as the client, are the driver of the bus. I, as the coach, am here to help you navigate the route.


Together we will:


  • Evaluate your current situation

  • Set goals that motivate and excite you

  • Design tools, strategies, habits, and accountability routines to maximize your strengths (and you have many!) and help you manage your specific symptoms and challenges.

  • Celebrate your successes!

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