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“Meryl has been working with our organization for over a year now. We all look forward to her workshops and 1:1 coaching sessions, and we use her tips all the time. Team members have even adopted a shorthand for some of them, and often use a simple gesture to help each other get back on track.”


-Donna W., animal welfare staff member

Animal Welfare


Staff and volunteers at animal welfare organizations (including rescues, shelters, veterinary practices and animal hospitals) experience very high levels of compassion fatigue.


It often feels as if there is more work than there are resources.


You’re dealing with suffering animals every day, who can’t talk and tell you what’s wrong or what happened to them.


So you fill in the blanks from your imagination, and then you can’t get rid of the intrusive thoughts. They follow you home, spend your days off with you, interrupt your sleep.


You need some time off, but you can’t take it, because the team needs you.


You begin to feel hopeless, and helpless. You work non-stop through your day, not even stopping for lunch, and it’s still not enough. You’re afraid that it never will be.


If you recognize yourself or members of your team here, consider one of my Compassion Fatigue workshops.

I Can Help You...


Embrace Work Life Balance

Build Resilience

Recover Your Energy

& Feeling of Purpose



My Compassion Fatigue Workshops are designed to be interactive, educational and fun. At the end of the workshops, participants will be able to:


  • Define Compassion Fatigue

  • Discuss the root causes of CF

  • Recognize symptoms of CF in self and others

  • Practice interventions to prevent symptoms of CF

  • Intervene with self and others to prevent symptoms from “taking root” when they do occur

Past participants have noted the following benefits:


  • Increased productivity

  • Decreased absenteeism

  • Improved morale and teamwork

  • Enhanced relationships

  • Reduced turnover


1:1 Coaching

I recommend 1:1 coaching sessions as a follow up to the workshops. These 1:1 sessions are designed to:


  • Give workshop participants an opportunity to further discuss and integrate information from the workshops

  • Provide a safe place for participants to receive coaching on a variety of skills, including compassion fatigue recognition and intervention, communication skills, organizational skills, time management skills, etc.

  • Offer non-participants the opportunity to learn about CF and to reap the benefits of the 1:1 coaching program


1:1 coaching is also available as a stand-alone; no workshop necessary!


Compassion Fatigue is complicated, and the goal is to recognize it and intervene as early as possible. These workshops and 1:1 coaching sessions offer participants the tools they need to recognize symptoms and intervene in the process, leading to a happier, safer workplace for both humans and animals.


Contact me to find out more.

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